Explanations of inCruises in connection with the statement of the Bank of Russia 2021

statement of the Bank of Russia 2021

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — inCruises International has prepared explanations for clients and partners in connection with the statement of the Bank of Russia dated 16 November that the company is included in the list of companies that bear signs of a “financial pyramid”.

We would like to emphasize that the company has a right to challenge the decision of the Russian Central Bank. Our lawyers are already taking steps aimed at having inCruises removed from this list. We are ready to provide all necessary information and documentation about the company’s business model in order to prove its legitimacy.

Being a global company working in 191 countries, we understand how important it is for a company to have an open and transparent dialogue not only with its own partners and clients but also with the regulatory bodies of any country it works in.

We will continue to stay in contact with Russian regulators and protect the reputation of inCruises using all lawful means.

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