The UAG Users Advisory Group is a group of executives from the corporate

According to Chirag Parikh, who works as the executive secretary the council, a notice soliciting nominations for National Space Council’s sector advisory committee might appear in Federal Register as soon as next week. Chirag said the request for nominations for Users Advisory Group is going to be open through the close of the month at the Satellite 2021 event. “Please follow the guidelines when you get the notice,” he urged.

The UAG (Users Advisory Group) is a group of executives from the corporate sector who counsel the government. There are now 27 members of the UAG. The council, according to Parikh, plans to confine the group to 15 – 30 members. He didn’t go into detail about what will occur to present members or even how many would be replaced.

Vice President Kamala Harris chairs the National Space Council, which is directed by the leaders of government agencies engaged in military and civil space activities. The council is in charge of coordinating federal space policy. Last month during the 36th Space Symposium, Parikh stated that the council wanted to rewrite the UAG charter to effectively represent the administration’s aims, which will most likely result in membership changes.

The goal, according to Parikh, is to attract a diverse group of individuals from the space industry, which is a priority for the vice president. “But even if you’re not chosen, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of being able to contribute to us,” he stated at the Satellite 2021 event. He said discussions with the private sector are welcome at the Department of Commerce’s Office of the space commerce, Federal Aviation Administration, as well as other agencies.

The Trump administration reestablished the council in 2017 after a nearly quarter-century absence, and the White House confirmed on March 29 that it would endure under the new government. However, Harris has made no public statements regarding her aspirations for the group, and the council’s first meeting during the Biden presidency has yet to be planned.

Harris is “extremely enthusiastic about space” and “dedicated to ensuring US leadership in the space across commercial, civil, and national security endeavors,” according to Parikh. According to Harris, promoting cooperation among international partners, government agencies, and private enterprise is one of his top priorities.

According to Parikh, Harris feels that excitement over space ventures might assist encourage STEM education. She’s also curious about how space technology may be used to tackle global warming. According to Parikh, Harris spoke with the authorities of Vietnam and Singapore during a past trip to Asia. “Space, and the value and advantage that space brings to humanity, were on the agenda for each of those discussions.”