Bluetti proposes its PowerOak AC200P EU, a portable power station for the more adventurous, for caravan lovers or for those who simply want to ensure uninterrupted power to maintain the comfort provided by the use of electrical appliances in any scenario.

This new model is the latest developed by the firm and is characterized by being able to guarantee a total supply capacity of 2,000 W, which means that it provides enough power to charge mobile phones and laptops, use power tools, illuminate spaces and even charge. an electric vehicle.

The equipment has a weight of 27 kg, since it houses a large 2,000Wh / 2,000W battery inside . Despite its weight, it is easy to transport, since it integrates handles located at the top for easy transfer from one place to another. It is also ideal for a campsite or country house since it allows the use of photovoltaic solar panels to run appliances and tools with clean energy.

The main differential characteristic of the equipment is that it does not use fossil fuels such as diesel to recharge the battery, and it uses electric current or solar panels, this makes it much more respectful with the environment.

In short, it is a device very designed for use outdoors or in places where we have a lack of electricity, but it is possible to use it at home in situations of power failure. It should also be noted that another advantage of the generator is that its battery is charged through the electrical current plug but it is also possible to do so through any vehicle.

A third option is through the use of solar panels, since the power station comes prepared with its corresponding input port, admitting 12 A with a maximum power of 700 W. If it is done with the household outlet, the recharge complete does not exceed 3 and a half hours.

The station is very functional when it comes to connectivity since it has a total of 13 output ports and all kinds of connectors with which to feed any technological device, household appliance or electronic device. We have 2 AC AC sockets, a 12V / 25A RV port, another 60W USB-C PD port for the laptop or smartphone , a 12V / 10A cigarette lighter and another two 12V / 3A.

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