Sales of electrified, hybrid and gas vehicles increased by 90.7% in May compared to the same month in 2019, with a total of 30,514 units registered , of which 29,332 were passenger cars , according to the Spanish Association of Vehicle Manufacturers. Automobiles and Trucks (Anfac) .

It should be noted that the comparison of the data is made with the 2019 registrations because it was the last year with a normalized market without crisis, since the 2020 figures are affected by the declaration of the State of Alarm and the confinement.

Regarding the accumulated of the year, the registrations of these vehicles grew by 78% , to 113,601 units . In the specific case of passenger cars, they increased by 82% between January and May, surpassing sales of diesel passenger cars (78,131 units) in volume (107,421 units).

If we focus on the data of purely electric vehicles , we see that their sales rose 83% in May compared to the same month of 2019, after reaching 2,150 registered units . For their part, plug-in hybrid vehicles increased their sales by 566% in May compared to 2019 figures, after registering 4,462 registered units .

The increase in registrations in the fifth month of the year places the total share of this type of vehicle at 30.7% of the global market in Spain . It should be noted that electrified vehicles account for 5.8% of the total market accumulated in the year , with electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids accounting for 1.9% and 3.9% , respectively, of registered registrations.

In the words of José López-Tafall , general director of Anfac: “Thanks to the implementation of the Moves III plan, which has been in force since April 10, sales of electrified vehicles are exceeding levels not previously seen in the Spanish market especially for plug-in hybrids. They are undoubtedly the best gateway to the electrification of mobility for the general public.

This push has achieved that more than a third of the registrations so far in 2021 correspond to alternative vehicles, thanks to the commercial and informative efforts of the brands now combined with the aid plans. It is necessary to influence the greater installation of recharging infrastructures, so that this pull is maintained and we achieve our decarbonisation objectives ”.

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