The Government has decided to maintain the restrictions due to the coronavirus in Catalonia including regional confinement for seven more days until April 26. This was confirmed by the Secretary General of Health, Marc Ramentol, at the press conference called by the Procicat.

Ramentol and also the ‘minister’ of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, have opened the door to start a de-escalation from April 26 if the epidemiological data accompany.

Sàmper has emphasized, however, that this does not mean that on the 26th there will be a reopening, but that, if the evolution of the pandemic in Catalonia is positive, from that date the Government could proceed to a progressive reopening .

Ramentol has positively valued the fact that there has not been an explosion of cases after Easter and it seems that there is a trend towards the stabilization of the virus in Catalonia.

“We have entered a stage of stabilization, ” he said to begin with. And, despite the one more week extension of the restrictions, he has given a message of hope by stating that, although hospital tension remains high.

“infections have been modulating and it seems that the pace of healthcare impact is slowing down.” “We must consolidate it and bend the curve of the healthcare impact in the ucis”, he added.

Therefore, he explained, it was decided that seven – day extension of existing measures to precisely “consolidate the stabilization and enter regression phase, to permanently bend the curve and put us on the horizon to start the whole process reopening from April 26 if the epidemiological data accompany “.

Sàmper had already advanced early in the morning that the Government is committed to “taking slow but sure steps, so as not to take steps backwards.”

In this sense, at the press conference the ‘minister’ insisted that the extension is so that, within seven days, the Government can consider a situation of improvement and de-escalation.

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