These organic lollipops have been made to specifically fight OSMF in all its stages

Find World’s first OSMF Pops™ along the quintessential OSMF Mouth Opening Kit and other gems in successful and economical treatment cost of Oral Submucous Fibrosis.

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, JULY 11, 2021 – OSMF Mouth Opening Kit/Smile In Hour has released a brand new product for the treatment of Oral Submucous Fibrosis, popularly known as OSMF. The product, aptly named OSMF Pops™, is a pack of OSMF Herbal Lollipops that contains Turmeric and Tulsi — the most prolific of Ayurvedic treatments for the mouth.

These organic lollipops have been made to specifically fight OSMF in all its stages. Apart from it, these Vitamin lollipops are also healthy for the mouth and gums, lichen planus and cold and sore throat. Top it all, these pops also enhance the user’s immunity manifold against most ills.

OSMF Herbal Lollipops are the world’s 1st OSMF Pops™ for fighting and curing OSMF. Now apart from OSMF Mouth Opening Kit, people can also use this lollipop candy for quick relief in oral submucous fibrosis symptoms and mouth problems.

DIY kit Awarded the Emerging Innovative Product Of The Year 2020 in Oral Healthcare Category, these herbal Lollipops are clinically tested and proved in its claimed uses. A patent for the product is also pending currently in the relevant patent offices. Apart from OSMF, it also successfully treats every oral and gum related ailment without the need for injection and surgery.

“Made with the power of Tulsi, Turmeric and Yashtimadhu, these Lollipops simply dissolve in the mouth. Tasty and healthy to the mouth, they are also anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antioxidant. It is rapidly absorbed in the mouth and helps immediately in battling the oral ailments. It is the only patented revolutionary innovative herbal organic lollipop for oral absorption in the world. With the state-of-the-art dental clinic and R&D of Smile In Hour, users can rest assured that their treatment is in good hands, no surgery and no injection. Order today and start to improve your oral health”, said Dr.

Address – 9, Taxshila Apartment, Mukhyamantri Avas Yojana, Zydus Hospital Rd, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat — 380059

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