The Prime Minister mentioned that ”under Section 4 of Rhodesia’s new citizenship

The government of the Republic of Rhodesia reformed its citizenship law and has now also opened the door to people of non-Rhodesian descent. “Rhodesia as a currently non-territorial nation is opening up to all those who wish to live the Spirit of Rhodesia. To be part of a people that is open to the world without going along with every fashion”, President James W. Scott stressed on the occasion of signing into law the new citizenship act which was proposed by the government of Prime Minister Janette Rowland (both Liberals).

The Prime Minister mentioned that ”under Section 4 of Rhodesia’s new citizenship law, any law-abiding person may apply for citizenship and a Rhodesian passport. About 45% of applications are currently granted, and the service is even free of charge so far. That’s what we considered to be respecting human rights in action”.

Even Mathilda Born, Minister of Morality and Tradition (Reactionary Union), who is considered staunchly conservative and tipped to succeed the aging prime minister, had voted in favor of the new law in cabinet.

Minister for Digital Affairs Peer Loeven (Christian Republicans) at the same time announced the introduction of a new e-passport: “The Rhodesian passport will thus be technically one of the most modern in the world. In future elections (presidency and general assembly), it will no longer be just the parliamentarians who vote, but the entire Rhodesian people in the diaspora – regardless of where our citizens live”.

Minister Loeven dispelled fears that Rhodesia’s passport, which is used by frequent travelers in high-risk areas as a camouflage, could gain further momentum. “Digitalization makes it much easier to identify who is a Rhodesian citizen and who is using false identification documents”, the Minister told the press.

However, Rhodesia remains a safe haven for all upright and law-abiding people who, for security reasons, also want a Rhodesian citizenship along with a passport and other rights.

The new Rhodesian passport is scheduled to be introduced on July 15th 2021. The validity of the old passports has been shortened. They will be withdrawn from circulation by mid-2022 at the latest, explained Minister for Citizenship Affairs, Jeff C. Blum (Liberals).

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